Costalita Estepona, properties in the most beautiful urbanisation on Costa del Sol

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Follow Costalita news on this page or log into Facebook and join us there. Many things are happening in Costalita in the summer, as people on holidays come to stay in their apartments in Costalita to enjoy the beach and the sea.
Costalita has much to offer: Sports club, restaurants and of course swimming in the ocean or in one of the lovely pools.


Can it be that expensive?

Costalita is famous amongst famous. Many Spanish celebreties come often to Costalita to relax and enjoy their vacations.

The tropical gardens of Costalita had 5 minutes joy today

Great snow and weather conditions in Sierra nevada
Invoicing the average

Villa Padierna and Costalita is famous amongst famous persons...

Country & Racket Club Villa Padierna is fully up running and ready for the season after a tough Winter.

The owner has sold his apartment un furnished and has no posibility to store it. So he sells out. All new. Full furniture for a 2 bed Costalita home

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